Auditing service

According to the provisions of the Vietnam Investment Law, foreign-invested enterprises are required to submit audited financial reports. Besides, all businesses need effective auditing services in order to ensure smooth operations by measuring their productivity and overall performance. When a company makes sure that it has effective internal controls in place, it becomes easy to maintain updated financial reports that reflect the state of its operations and to prevent any kind of misappropriation of assets and frauds. A business is able to identify, as well as, prevent occurrences of irregular transactions and ensure maintenance of proper business records when it has effective internal auditors. These auditors can also note down all material-related irregularities to prepare in case the management wants to investigate from time to time. If a business has a diligent and proper audit system in place, a vendor or an employee can be prevented from trying to defraud it.

Techniques for Capital Management

Regular auditing also gives confidence to stakeholders and investors in a company by offering them authentic data on how effectively a business runs and on financial statements. It is equally crucial to have updated audits because the financial analysts utilize audit data to ascertain the value of the shares of a company. When a company conducts a regular audit, it gets an opportunity to learn fresh techniques to improve specific procedures and processes, create essential capital-management techniques and help in lowering debt-service interest to enhance the performance of a company.

ATA Service is one of the leading accountancy companies that are known for providing expert auditing services to their clients. Our specialty is to provide a wide range of services customized for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as, individuals with high net worth. Our concern is not simply where your business has been but also where your business is going. ATA Service can also prepare a comprehensive business health check for your business and you. Our team can also meet you at the beginning and end of a financial year so that you and your business can take leverage of strategies related to tax minimization.

High-Quality Service

Our firm is committed to providing high-quality audit services. We have proved time and again our high degree of professionalism and fabulous customer service.

We Adopt a Cost-Effective Approach

It is understood by us that audit comes under the category of a compliance cost. We have a highly trained and specialist team of professionals who are fully dedicated to using the streamlined audit process effectively to make sure that the savings are enjoyed by our clients while also ensuring that they are protected from compliance risks.

A Seamless Audit Process Through Open Communication

Our team communicates regularly, proactively, and openly and also keep our clients apprised of any issues related to audit compliance on time to avoid unexpected surprises when the audit ends.