Consulting services

Consultants of our ATA Service with thorough knowledge of laws as well as practical experience have provided the clients with the most optimal solutions, helping the improvement of the internal control systems, the enhancement of business efficiency, and the compliance with the prevailing regulations.

Consulting services provided by ATA SERVICE are diversified, including:

Tax consulting services: Giving advice to clients on tax laws; providing services of tax registration, registration for self-printed invoices, tax refund; supporting business in tax finalization; preparing documents applying for tax incentives, etc. in order to ensure the benefits, in the spirit of respecting the prevailing laws and regulations, of business in taxation.

Accounting-related consulting services: Giving advice on the organization of accounting works, accounting system and the perfection of accounting sections.

Consulting service on finance and business administration: Giving advice on establishing, perfecting the systems of financial administration and internal control and analyzing the financial position of businesses, instructing the clients to carry out the equitization of their businesses and the listing of their stocks in the security market.

Legal service: Giving advice to clients to prepare documents then to proceed the formalities to register the accounting system, to establish businesses, and to apply for the amendments and modification of investment licenses and business registration certificates, to conduct the procedures of spitting, separation, mergence and liquidation of businesses.

Consulting service on IT application: Providing accounting and finance software.

Other consulting services: Giving advice on legal issues, investment and business management issues, etc. at the clients’ requests.

In some cases, if necessary, we are able to co-operate with the State authorities to enhance the quality and the efficiency of the services we provide. That very operation method has made our clients confident and satisfied with our services.