Vision: ATA Service will be a leading provider of accounting, finance and consulting services in Vietnam.

Mission of ATA Service: “Helping worldwide SMEs develop sustainable business by controlling their financial situation, measuring business performance clearly with the system of active and intelligent business – financial strategy.”

  • ATA Service is a trademark of ATA Tri Viet and was established in 2012.
  • Managing and operating a business community of up to 200 small and medium enterprises in the Central region of Viet Nam, which has brought sales of nearly 300 billion dong / year for the community.
  • Personnel are professional certified public auditors.
  • Obtaining the business coaching certificate provided by the world’s largest business coaching organization (ActionCOACH).
  • Training, coaching and taking part in operating number of businesses in different fields.
  • Training for more than 300 businesses in Da Nang, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai with knowledge related to accounting – finance, building process and internal control system.
  • Training in financial ownership for businesses, accounting department as well as executive positions in the business.
  • Establishing the only ONLINE Platform System for financial – business strategy management in the world and Viet Nam nowadays.
  • Besides, ATA Service also contributes to providing human resources for the market of quality labor force for enterprises in the Central region through training auditors, assistant auditors, university students, and actively takes part in to social activities, charity programs, scholarship grants for students who study well, overcome difficulties and have difficult circumstances.

Operation principles and commitments of ATA Service

  • ATA Service operates on the principles of independence, objectiveness, integrity, protecting the rights, benefits and business secrets of clients as protecting the rights of its own in compliance with the laws;
  • Incessantly developing a professional human resource, actively applying the advanced technology to serve our clients in the process of global development and integration;
  • Providing the clients with services of high quality in a professional manner;
  • Building up and developing relationships with clients in a professional and friendly working environment;
  • Giving highest supports to help clients achieve business successes in Vietnam;
  • Striving to bring supports the highest benefits to our clients, staff, investors and the whole society.

Service provided by ATA Service

  1. Consulting
    • Consulting and training to develop annual financial plan.
    • Consulting and training to plan cash flow forecast for at least 6 to 12 months.
    • Consulting and training to build the internal control system (reporting process and system).
    • Consulting and training to form the budget to increase profits.
    • Consulting and training to develop the internal control system.
    • Consulting current tax regulations.
    • Consulting to set up a system to effectively evaluate of production activities.
    • Evaluating and adjusting the internal control system in accordance with customer’s operation scale monthly/quarterly/yearly periodically.
    • Periodically consulting on contents related to specific activities or the request of customers.
  2. Training
    • Training and coaching in financial ownership for business owners and accounting departments.
    • Advanced training in management accounting for Board of Directors, accounting departments.
    • Advanced training in financial accounting for accounting departments as requested by the businesses.
  3. Coaching
    • Coaching in time planning and time mastering for individuals, departments or businesses.
    • Coaching in building the dashboard to track business performance indicators.
    • Coaching in building 6 methods to increase at least 60% of profits.
  4. Recruitment
    • Recruiting personnel majoring in accounting – auditing department (including reports on characteristic, behavior, strengths, weaknesses of personnel).
  5. Other services
    • Carrying out the process of investment license, business registration for foreign direct investment businesses.
    • Adjusting investment license and business registration.
    • Carrying out legal procedures for foreigners in Viet Nam (work permit, visa,…)