Training services

In the competitive business environment nowadays, improving professional skills and knowledge for the staff has always called special attention of the management of businesses.

ATA SERVICE has organized refresher for chief accountants in accordance to the program of the Ministry of Finance.

  • Training courses on special subjects: such as financial accounting, cost accounting, external auditing and internal auditing, security trading, etc. which have been organized at the clients requests have provided the trainees with professional knowledge of the Vietnamese and International Accounting and Auditing Standards, the currently applicable financial policies and systems as well as the knowledge of finance, security and business.

  • Professional seminars and provision of newlyissued State legal writings. This is a beneficial seminar for the management on finance, accounts and taxation, etc.

  • Internal training is a work continually maintained in order enhance our staffs professional knowledge to ensure a firm development in the market economy and in good harmony with other countries in the area and in the world.