Viet Nam company registration services

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Company setup step-by-step process

While Vietnam is a highly attractive investment destination for foreign investors, it still has a complex legal process for establishing a company. In this section, we discuss the set up procedures for companies that want to begin operations in the country. We also recommend professional assistance to guide companies through these steps and the various applicable steps, laws and procedures.

In summary, the process to register and setup an 100% Foreign-Owned Enterprise generally requires 2 to 3 months. A Representative Office can alternatively be setup in half that time, but is more limited in the types of activities that it can engage in.

Below is a summary of the 4 main stages of setting up an LLC.

> In rare cases where an investor intends their LLC to do business in a specified special sector, they may be required to fulfil Step 1 ‘Pre-Investment Approval’.

> Most investors can skip directly to Step 2, to apply for a required Investment Registration Certificate (IRC).

> Once the IRC is in hand, an organization may pursue to subsequent Step 3 to apply for an Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC, also referred to as a Business Registration Certificate) as well as dependent actions such as securing a physical business address, and so on.

> After being licensed, the Enterprise will be required to register their company seals, open bank accounts, and more.

Successfully establishing a company in Vietnam also depends on government regulations in Vietnam. To know more details about the procedure and possibility of success, please contact us via email